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If you own a business these days, then you understand the importance of marketing your brand. You have to do more than just create a product, you have to put it out there. 18Bricks knows just how important this is when it comes to achieving successful results. When it comes to advertising your product, you have to be careful about what you choose to do with your advertising dollars. Applying your advertising dollars to the wrong type of campaign can end up just costing you hard-earned money. For example, if you are selling steaks, you don’t want to be advertising to a vegan crowd. That just wouldn’t make sense and you wouldn’t expect to make money. However, if you’re selling steaks and you have an ad that pops up when somebody types in steaks dinner, then you have a better chance of landing a customer.
One of the next struggles with advertising is knowing just how effective it was. How many people actually saw it and how many people actually made a purchase because of seeing that ad? With traditional forms of advertising these numbers can be a little bit complicated to get to the bottom of. Luckily, traditional forms of advertising are not the only avenue for businesses today. Businesses ranging from small mom and pop shops to medium sized companies all the way to large corporations and more are advertising utilizing a new platform. They have chosen a platform where people are constantly engaged. Even better, they have chosen the option of advertising on these platforms that people are engaged in actively searching products and services like the ones you are advertising.
Pay-per-click advertising or PPC advertising is a form of marketing that places your product, business, or brand in front of a consumer market that is actively engaged looking for services you offer or products like yours online. PPC campaigns that are structured properly produce efficient results increasing web traffic leading to conversions. Getting the traffic to your site is one thing, converting that traffic into customers is another. When this happens successfully revenue is increased because of the PPC campaign.

Pay Per Click (PPC)


Increased revenue, more website traffic, conversions from this traffic, this all sounds great but just exactly how does PPC advertising make this possible? If you find yourself pondering this you’re not alone. Let’s start by breaking down PPC, what it means, and how it can help your business. The term pay per click means exactly what it says. Advertisers pay every time an ad is clicked. In an essence it is a way to buy web traffic versus going after it organically. The chances are better of you reaching the goal of increasing business when you advertise with PPC.
Traditional forms of advertising charge an upfront fee and the results you get are anyone’s guess. You might run a paid ad in a magazine all year long and spend $15,000 but only end up with five customers. The difference with PPC is that when you pay for advertising every cent of those dollars goes towards ads that create web traffic to your site. If you spent $15,000 on pay-per-click advertising, you’d definitely be driving more traffic to your website than five people.
PPC advertising like any other form of marketing is not exactly cheap. However, if it produces the results that drive traffic to your site, and you are able to turn the traffic into conversions then the PPC marketing campaign was more than worth it. It is estimated that small to medium sized businesses average around $8,000 to $10,000 per month for their PPC budget across the Google search network. Current market averages place businesses PPC fees at an estimated one to two dollars for every click.
If you’re the kind of person that likes to see their ads online this may not be the form of advertising for you. With pay per click advertising you never click on the ads you market. You just end up costing yourself money. It is recommended to always be aware of the display network your ads will be placed on. Keep your ads true to your goal and be sure that you hit the target keyword in the description and headline of your ad. In short, it is recommended to have your ad put together by a company that specializes in SEO like 18bricks.

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PPC advertising is not only for those who have thousands of dollars to spend each month. Small budgets can produce very effective results utilizing PPC. By targeting your placement, you can start to increase traffic. Even with a small budget strong SEO plays a pivotal role in a successful PPC campaign. Utilizing the correct keyword or keyword structure that is used by customers when they are ready to purchase will strengthen your chances of funneling web traffic to turn into conversions.
The prices for PPC will vary by industry. Finance and insurance seem to see some of the highest PPC fees. Apparel, travel, and hospitality see some of the lowest prices. Conversion rates for Facebook ads tend to be higher for fitness, real estate, b2b, as well as employment and job training. There are many different places to advertise a PPC campaign with some of the largest being Google, Facebook, and Amazon. When placed properly, a PPC campaign that has a strong SEO structure will produce results.
You can spend as little as $5 a day running sponsored ads on Amazon which means you could run a PPC program there for as little as $150 a month for consistent advertisements. Those advertisements will not be nowhere near strong though unless you have the proper SEO structure. Targeting your keywords is extremely important in order to achieve a successful PPC campaign. If you are struggling to bring in the web traffic you know your business needs, then you may want to consider investing a little bit of capital into a PPC campaign. When you need web traffic and conversions, you need pay-per-click services like those offered at 18bricks.

Increase Brand Awareness

Active, strong brand management should always increase the awareness of your brand. By increasing the awareness of your brand in a positive light, you in return, build trust with your target audience.


Not only will customers become loyal to your brand as trust is gained and maintained through brand management, but they can also become the most prominent ambassadors for your brand. When consumers find a product they love, that works great and is backed by a brand with positive values and public reputation, they will tell others. This, in return, means more sales, more trust, and more loyalty amongst your target audience.

Increase the value of your products

As your brand awareness grows in a positive light along with the trust of your potential customers, how consumers value your product should also change increasing the overall value of your brand.


Proper brand management, especially over a long period of time, should result in customer loyalty. If you offer a great product at a competitive price that is backed by trust, your customers will become loyal and continue to come back time and time again for what your company offers, be it old or new products.

directly influence your target audience's buying decisions

When your brand has a positive representation through brand management, it should have a direct influence on the choices made by consumers when it comes to purchasing your products or products from your competitors. By building trust and increasing your brand’s value through proper management, when it comes time to buy a product like the one offered by your brand, your target audience should think of no other brand than yours.


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