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All successful brands know the importance of active brand management. When it comes to brand management, it starts from the internal team behind the brand and extends to the end consumer. Everyone from the CEO to customers who love the brand can be a brand ambassador for the brand, or they can be the downfall, it all depends on how well your brand is being managed. Whether you need to recover from negative press or are looking for long term management that will bring awareness to your brand in a positive light, 18Bricks is here to help.

We work with brands, companies, and individuals to help solidify strong brand management that will continue to evolve and strengthen over time. So, what does strong brand management entail? There are three proprietary aspects that are vital to the management of any brand. Those include a strong relationship with your target market, a positive brand reputation, and internal brand ambassadors. When your brand has a positive reputation amongst your target audience, and your employees have the same core values as the brand represents, it’s a no-brainer for success. Here is how 18Bricks can help!

Short Term
Brand Recovery

Our short term brand recovery services are designed to help recover your brand from negative aspects such as lousy representation, bad press, and negative perceptions. If your brand or business has recently suffered from bad PR, the short term brand recovery services offered by 18Bricks may be just what you need to change the perception associated with a particular person within your business or the reputation of your brand and products in general.

Long Term Reputation Management

Our long term reputation management services are designed to not only help build a strong brand perception but to continually represent your brand in a positive light for continuous growth and brand awareness. Whether you are a large company that is looking to grow your brand and the positive reputation surrounding it or if you are a public figure that is in the public eye that needs continuous positive representation, our team of brand management specialists has the knowledge and dedication to help solidify long term success.

Increase Brand Awareness

Active, strong brand management should always increase the awareness of your brand. By increasing the awareness of your brand in a positive light, you in return, build trust with your target audience.


Not only will customers become loyal to your brand as trust is gained and maintained through brand management, but they can also become the most prominent ambassadors for your brand. When consumers find a product they love, that works great and is backed by a brand with positive values and public reputation, they will tell others. This, in return, means more sales, more trust, and more loyalty amongst your target audience.

Increase the value of your products

As your brand awareness grows in a positive light along with the trust of your potential customers, how consumers value your product should also change increasing the overall value of your brand.


Proper brand management, especially over a long period of time, should result in customer loyalty. If you offer a great product at a competitive price that is backed by trust, your customers will become loyal and continue to come back time and time again for what your company offers, be it old or new products.

directly influence your target audience's buying decisions

When your brand has a positive representation through brand management, it should have a direct influence on the choices made by consumers when it comes to purchasing your products or products from your competitors. By building trust and increasing your brand’s value through proper management, when it comes time to buy a product like the one offered by your brand, your target audience should think of no other brand than yours.

18Bricks Can Help
with Active Brand Management

Whether you are a new brand or public figure that is looking to build a strong foundation for success or if you are an existing brand or business that is trying to recover from various negative aspects, the team here at 18Bricks can help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help improve your brands’ reputation and put you on a path to continued success through brand management.

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